Blizzard is again wrestling with DDoS attackers


Overwatch players were faced with login issues during a DDoS attack just two days ago, and it seems that Blizzard is wrestling with DDoS attackers yet again, early this morning. I opened Battle.Net only to see a message stating that players are experience high latency and disconnects in World of Warcraft as a result of ongoing DDoS attacks. The attacks are presumably in response to the series of bans leveled against players caught cheating in Overwatch recently.

It’s unfortunate that people take pleasure in cheating in multiplayer games in the first place, but to then attempt to further disrupt the fun that the rest of us have is just childish. Blizzard will likely have things back up and running smoothly rather quickly, so in the meantime I think it’ll be best to let their servers recuperate and instead head to the gym earlier than usual.

In the end the attackers will have caused nothing more than a minor nuisance, and the rest of us will be able to go on enjoying Blizzard’s games.



The issues were resolved very shortly after I posted this. I logged into World of Warcraft and it played smoothly while I was on.




Stormwind was full of life early this morning!



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