I don’t understand the drama surrounding PUBG’s soon to be paid crates

A lot of people seem to be rallying against the idea that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will eventually charge for crates, and I don’t quite get it. People are acting as if this is an affront against the game’s fan base, but I don’t see it. First off all, the items received in crates are cosmetic. They’re “hats”, they’re not real. Gaining these items doesn’t necessarily change the way the game plays (you can argue that certain colors may help you blend in, but that’s still not a solid argument). What bothers me the most is that people are reacting as if the crate system is core to the PUBG experience. It’s not. I can’t imagine that the most enjoyable thing about the game for people is opening crates. It’s something that you can completely ignore and still enjoy the game just as much as anyone else. Heck all I’ve gotten from crates so far are a few identical red shirts and a long sleeved blue shirt. Big deal. I’d have as much fun with the game if the entire system didn’t exist.

There is, however, a benefit to monetizing cosmetic items. I view systems like this as a way for players to essentially tip the game’s creators. I’ve already paid upfront for the experience, but I’ve had so much fun already that I’d gladly throw an extra $2 at it here and there in exchange for digital clothing. Yet the reaction this model prompts from gamers is absurd. People are crying out as if they’re completely changing what they paid for. Again, I don’t think anyone looked at the crate system and had that become the deciding factor in favor of their purchase.

Life will go on. The game will still be fun. People make video games in order to earn money, and I don’t think it’s fair to get upset when someone develops a way to do better as a business if it doesn’t have any negative impact on the core game. Everything will be alright.


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