Recently watched: “You Should Have Left”

Last weekend, my wife and I watched the psychological thriller, You Should Have Left. I hadn’t heard about the film at all until I happened across a trailer last week, but it looked interesting and we decided to give it a shot.

The film features Kevin Bacon as a middle-aged man (Theo) with a dark past who is married to a younger Amanda Seyfreid (Susanna). The couple plans a vacation to get away for awhile, and most of the film takes place in a remote vacation rental in Wales. While there the characters are bothered by nightmares as their relationship is tested, and more about Theo’s past is revealed.

While parts of the film are a bit creepy, I wouldn’t classify it as a horror movie. I enjoyed the setting and the story, and I think Bacon, Seyfried, and Avery Essex (who plays the couple’s daughter) all play their characters well. I also found the lighting and photography to be excellent.

Ultimately, my wife and I were left feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the end of the film. It has some great ideas, but something about it felt a little generic, or maybe rushed by the end. I thought the focus on the couple’s relationship was interesting, but explanation for why things are happening felt a little forced.

I think it was worth seeing, however I’d wait for the rental price to drop before giving it a shot. It’s a movie that I wouldn’t normally see in theaters, but felt the $20 rental was worth it just for something new to watch.


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