My name is Jonathan,

I graduated with a BA in English from Penn State in 2010, without much of a plan. For awhile I thought I’d like to become a librarian, but the thought of going back to school and taking on more debt dissuaded me (as did graduating into the tail end of a recession). I ended up joining the Air Force where I worked as an F-15E avionics technician for six years. From there I went back to school at Boise State to study accounting, and I’ve been working as a tax accountant since January of 2021.

I enjoy playing video games, and created this blog years ago as a hobby. The blog has occasionally slipped from my mind, you’ll notice plenty of gaps with no posts. Every now and then I decide I should write more, so hopefully you’ve stumbled across this page while I’m keeping things up to date. Thanks for stopping by!

My best bud Artie getting his nose dirty on a camping trip 🙂