Friday Morning Football in Korea, Destiny with Bungie


I’m enjoying some Friday Morning Football here in Korea thanks to Dish Anywhere (which allows you to stream anything from your receiver via Slingbox). I’m a Ravens fan rooting for the Giants. I really love the Manning brothers as players and as all around nice people so I always tend to root for them.

In about 40 minutes Bungie employees will be playing Destiny Skirmish matches in the Crucible (on Xbox One) so I’m going to jump on and try my luck getting a game in with one of them as I continue checking in on the game via the Dish Anywhere iPad app.

You’ll be able to watch the action via Bungie’s Twitch stream.



Championship Sunday



It’s the NFL’s championship Sunday and in about 9 hours or so we’ll know what teams will be playing in Super Bowl XLVIII. At 3PM Eastern (on CBS) the New England Patriots will take on the Broncos in Denver in the AFC Championship. At 6PM Eastern (FOX) the San Francisco 49’ers will be in Seattle to take on the Seahawks for the NFC Championship.

Both the Patriots and 49’ers found themselves in this same situation last year before the 49’ers advanced to take on my Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl.

Who will you be rooting for? My girlfriend is a Seahawks fan and I have to admit they’ve been exciting to watch this year. I’ll be pulling for the Seahawks to take it all this year. I also really like Peyton Manning and hate the Patriots with a passion, so I’ll be hoping the Broncos advance to the Super Bowl.


What a game! (Ravens – Vikings)


I was certain I was going to have a heart attack 4 times in the last two minutes of the game. There were 5 TD’s scored in the last 2:05 of the game! Just when I thought the Ravens were out of it Jacoby Jones ran back a 79 yard kick return for a TD, which was answered by a 79 Vikings passing TD… In the end Joe Flacco threw a TD pass with 4 seconds left on the clock and I could finally exhale.

The Ravens have a tough schedule ahead, I’m hoping they can finish off with another win or two to have a good chance at making the playoffs. In another close game the Patriots just went up 27-26 over the Browns with 31 seconds remaining. Today is an exciting day in the NFL, and the 49’ers – Seahawks game is sure to be another exhilarating game.

Snow from coast to coast


Friday marked the first decent snow here in the Boise area this winter, and it was well needed. The snowfall finally allowed Bogus Basin to partially open for the season. We’ll probably head up there once or twice over my Christmas break, so hopefully it gets a few more inches by then. Right now it has a base depth of 17″.


Over on the East Coast it’s snowing pretty heavily in Baltimore making for an interesting game between the Ravens and Vikings. Right now Baltimore leads 7-0 after a fumble recovery (that arguably should’ve been overturned, but we’ll take it) and some fancy footwork from Joe Flacco that allowed for a touchdown pass to Ed Dickson.

IMG_2966 IMG_2967

Tornadoes in Chicago: Ravens vs Bears


The Ravens are off to a solid start in Chicago, however fans have been asked to vacate their seats and players and camera crews are also being told to seek cover due to tornadoes in the Chicago area. The game is currently suspended. Hopefully everyone stays safe, the weather passes and the game resumes soon. I got my $5.99 large Dominos Carry Out pizza and I’m ready for some football!

NFL Sunday – 20 October


There are a lot of exciting games in the NFL today. My Ravens take on the Steelers which is always a good matchup, the Cowboys and Eagles game just started and Peyton Manning returns to Indianapolis to take on Andrew Luck and the Colts this evening. What are you looking forward to? Who are you rooting for?

Happy NFL Sunday

Love that commercial. The Ravens aren’t off to a strong start, but luckily neither are the Dolphins…No TD’s so far, just a pair of field goals for each. The Seahawks started strong, going up 12-0, but the Colts have caught up and it’s now 14-12.

Go Ravens! Go Seahawks!