Pondering what to do with this year’s tax return.

tax return

Every year around tax time my mind always wanders to what I might do with my tax return. I have around $42,000 in student loans and a bit of credit card debt. My lowest student loan balance is around $600 which I will be paying off in full with my tax return. The question is, what will I do with the $800 or so I’ll have left over after that (assuming my return will be similar to last year’s. I’ll get my W-2 next week and will be able to do my taxes then). My lowest credit card balance is around $100, and the next lowest is around $450. My next lowest student loan balance is around $900 (and my highest balance is $15,000, a loan which I have deferred right now).

I’m really tempted to pay off the $450 credit card and use the remainder on an iPad Mini, because who doesn’t like buying themselves a new toy around tax time? Besides even if I allocated all $1,300 ish of my tax return toward my debt, that’s only 1/42nd of my mountain of student debt. Would it even make a difference? I might save $20 on monthly payments, what fun is that? Paying off the $600 balance will save me $110/mo which I’ll start putting toward one of my credit cards with a higher balance. I figure I want to pay off the credit cards before I start chipping away at the rest of my student loans which have higher interest rates and lower monthly payments…..

Anywho…..Debt sucks! Haha. And what do I have to show for my $50,000 English degree? Not very much, that’s for sure. 😉 Sorry for the rant!


I’m spending two weeks in Florida for work and so far it’s been a great experience. I’ve gotten to eat Panera Bread which was amazing since there are none in Boise (or anywhere in Idaho I believe) and I’ve had plenty of my favorite beer, the Pennsylvania native Yuengling Lager which is only available on the East Coast. I’ll try to catch up on blogging soon…Until then, I’ll just post some pictures:

IMG_2660 IMG_2661 IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2670 IMG_2674 IMG_2676 IMG_2677 IMG_2689 IMG_2690 IMG_2691

Finding a new theme

I’m working on finding a new theme for the blog and so far this is the only one I really like. Unfortunately for whatever reason this theme pushes all my widgets to the bottom rather than the right hand side and I’m not so sure I like that. I’ll have to fool around and see if there’s anything I can do to make it better. Maybe I’ll basically make all of the widgets into pages or something. Until then, please bare with the changes.

One of my favorite ‘quick fix’ meals



I know this is random, but I just wanted to share a love for one of my favorite late night meals. It starts with a jalapeno cheddar tortilla, then a few slices of provolone cheese, a handful of pepperonis and a few slices of ham.  Toss it in the microwave for a bit and you end up with something way better tasting than a Hot Pocket. I eat them without any sauces, but I imagine it wouldn’t taste bad with some pizza sauce added to the mix.



Don Jon

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw (500) Days of Summer in theaters, so when I heard he wrote, directed and starred in the movie Don Jon I knew I’d want to see it.


This afternoon Vanessa and I saw Don Jon and we enjoyed it greatly. It tells the story of a man (Jon) who is obsessed with (and addicted to) internet porn and the “one way street” experience it offers (this becomes a theme of sorts in the movie). He’s practically able to have intercourse with any woman he wants on any given night, however nothing compares to the rush of internet porn. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the character Jon perfectly and offers plenty of laughs throughout the movie alongside the more serious struggle of Jon’s inability to understand the importance of a “two way street” relationship. Much like (500) Days of Summer Gordon Levitt’s character has grown by the close of the film, overcoming a variety of struggles and heartbreak on the way to a ‘feel good’ ending.

I definitely recommend Don Jon to anyone looking for a feel good movie.

Darth Gumballs Plays: Dead Island – 001

I’ve recently started to play around with streaming to Twitch in the typical ‘Let’s Play’ video format, and I find it adds a bit of enjoyment to playing games. Even though I know for a fact no one is watching my streams it still feels different to be playing in front of a “potential” (however unlikely) audience, whether it being someone watching the live stream or watching the recorded video on YouTube later.

I’m using OBS to stream and record my videos locally. I may put together a sort of tutorial video in the future for those who want to see exactly what the process looks like (it’s not incredibly difficult, but it may not be common sense either). Anyway, for whatever reason the actual stream on Twitch of this video was pretty choppy and ugly looking. I was downloading a few things on Steam and on my Xbox so I’m hoping that’s the culprit and next time the stream will look better.

For now, enjoy my first “Let’s Play” video for Dead Island, and feel free to follow me on Twitch [http://www.twitch.tv/jdh5153] (I’ll follow back).

The mic audio needs adjusted, I didn’t realize it was that low until after I uploaded it to YouTube.

Introducing: Loot-it!

I’ve started a new blog which you can find at lootit.net or in the RSS widget to the right. It’s going to focus almost entirely on World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, so if you’re interested in those games maybe you’ll want to check it out. It’s still in its infancy, so any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks for your time 🙂  

It’s been awhile

I haven’t made a post in awhile which makes me mad because I want this blog to be pretty steady. The truth is, I’ve been busy and then I was sick for a week. Not only with video games (Mass Effect 3 has a lot of my attention right now) but also with preparing for graduation from tech school. I graduate on 12 April and have to make all of the necessary preparations to outprocess, go home on leave, and inprocess into my first duty station. Sort of stressful.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to blog soon, I’d like to make a post or two this weekend yet so we’ll see how things go.

Hello there

I thought I’d give this WordPress thing a try, so here I am. I’m 24, I have a BA in English and am currently in tech school in the United States Air Force for avionics. I’m lucky enough to get paid to go to school and have some time here and there to play video games. I’m currently home over Christmas exodus which is nice.

I’m mainly an Xbox 360 gamer, but I also play iPhone games and a handful of PC games (mainly MMORPGs). Right now I’m into Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, and RAGE.

Anyway I hope to update this blog as time permits.