The Boise Hawk’s sun blocking blimp

Last night was the second game of the season for the Boise Hawks, a class A team for the Colorado Rockies (previously for the Chicago Cubs). It was also the night they launched their sun blocking blimp for the first time.

We always sit on the first base side, so this sounded like a wonderful idea. In reality, it didn’t seem to do very much other than create something for fans to joke about. “That’s it?” was heard often around the first base area, but hey it was the first night so maybe they’ll get something figured out. It did block the sun for us at least once during the night, for about ten minutes or so.

Boise Hawks sun blocking blimp

It was a great night for a ballgame, regardless. I love local baseball and miss the variety I enjoyed on the East Coast, with the York Revolution and Harrisburg Senators being my favorites, while our (York’s) rival Lancaster Barnstormers reside just across the river. (There were also three MLB teams within driving distance…four I suppose if you count Pittsburgh…yuck!)

248361_10108926372504834_117886954865943077_n Boise Hawks 2015

The game was enjoyable to watch, and I just enjoyed being in the stands again. The Hawks, however, did not play very well. The pitching and fielding just were not up to par and the Tri-City Dust Devils drifted out of reach as the innings wore on.

11168015_10108927383229334_8682031854485223165_n 11089147_10108927383448894_8119704028446637796_n Boise Hawks 2015

Ultimately the Hawks lost 8-2 as the sun set and the crowd began to grow anxious for the first fireworks night of the season.

11215829_10108927384137514_2029552117506728978_n Boise Hawks Tri City Dust Devils 2015

11009352_10108927385130524_2575318016986037859_n Boise Hawks fireworks




We saw 42 on Friday. 42 tells the tale of the first black MLB player, Jackie Robinson. The movie is absolutely wonderful. It’s sad, scary, upsetting and incredibly moving throughout the two hour tale. The acting is great throughout and Harrison Ford plays his character very well.

The film’s scenery is incredible and it really helps bring the viewer into the late 1940’s baseball scene. There are many heavy, hard to watch moments in the movie but there are just as many lighthearted, heartwarming moments to balance it out and you’ll certainly leave the theater with a smile on your face. I highly recommend you see this movie, I loved it.

MLB2k13 is real!



I was worried over the last few months because there was a lot of talk of 2K not renewing its license to make MLB games which would make the only baseball game Sony’s The Show. Therefore 360 gamers would be entirely shut out of the 2013 baseball season which would be quite tragic. Luckily 2k revealed MLB 2k13 yesterday with a March 5th release date.