Bose SoundLink Color, an incredible bluetooth speaker




I was looking for a portable bluetooth speaker for my trip back home and decided to try out the Bose SoundLink Color. I have a pair of Bose SoundTrue (on ear) headphones that I absolutely love, so the $129 SoundLink Color seemed the obvious choice.

I’m quite impressed with the quality and punch that lightweight and easily portable speaker packs. The acoustic guitars of SiriusXM’s Coffee House sound absolutely wonderful on the speaker (as they do on the headphones as well). I was quite surprised to find that the SoundLink Color also emanates a deep, quality bass. If I hid the speaker you’d be easily fooled into thinking the music was coming from a much larger sound system. I’ve heard Beats Pills and I have to say the SoundLink Color easily exceeds the quality of even the $300 XL pill.

The audio guided bluetooth pairing is pleasant to use. I have the speaker paired to both my iPad and phone and it was easy to set up and switch between either. The battery life is also impressive, I haven’t run it dry yet. That said, I usually leave it plugged in while hooked up (via the aux in port) to my SiriusXM unit in the bedroom.

I love listening to acoustic Coffee House music on the SoundLink Color in the morning while enjoying my coffee. I highly recommend the speaker if you’re in the market for an easily transportable bluetooth speaker with exceptional quality. Pick one up for $129 and hear for yourself!



Bose SoundTrue headphones


I had been looking to pick up a decent pair of headphones to use while watching movies, listening to music and playing games without disturbing others. My budget was around $150 and I ended up narrowing my choices down to the Bose SoundTrue and Beats by Dre Solo HD 2. They were both priced around $150 at the NEX, though their prices vary elsewhere.

I initially liked the Beats as they had a lot of kick to them at high volume and sounded pretty good, but once I tried on the Bose I knew which one I’d be walking away with. The Bose headphones just have an incredibly rich and authentic sound that I don’t think the Beats are able to replicate. I especially love the sound of acoustic rock and classical music with the Bose headphones. You can close your eyes and feel like you’re right there in a concert hall, I love it! They sound great at any volume and are a huge improvement over the Samsung in ear headphones I had been using that came with my phone.

I’m not sure how I’ve gone this long without owning a pair of headphones like these, they’ve made listening to music on my phone and watching movies on my laptop or tablet much more enjoyable.

Photo on 7-15-14 at 8.21 AM #2

I enjoy the way that they look and also that they’re quite comfortable to wear. They are so light you barely notice you’re wearing them, and they never get uncomfortable to wear even for long periods of time. I highly recommend trying the Bose headphones out if you have the chance.