Fifty Shades of Grey


Last night we saw Fifty Shades of Grey, but before we made our way to the theater we stopped at the Yard House to make sure I was fully prepared to see this “chick flick” (of sorts).

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A couple Sam Adam’s led to the dark, yet drinkable Odin’s Gift (an amber ale from Odin Brewing of Seattle). After the drinks we walked over to the theater and took our seats. We chose the VIP section so that we could have dinner as well (and more importantly a few more beers).


So, what did I think of the movie? Well it wasn’t terrible. Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson play their roles well and great chemistry. I hadn’t read the book, so I can’t really comment on how well the movie treats its source material, but on its own it told a pretty coherent and enjoyable story.

It’s worth nothing that there’s quite a bit of nudity in the film, but it’s tasteful. Probably due to the R rating (as opposed to NC-17), almost all of the sex scenes only show the female upper body. Anastasia’s facial expressions do a pretty good job of telling the rest of the story, however I imagine hardcore fans of the books probably are left wanting.

I really enjoyed the way scenes are shot throughout the film and the soundtrack is superb. I also enjoyed the growth of the character’s throughout the film. I expected them to be pretty black and white, however they’re a lot more human and the way Mr. Grey starts to change is interesting. Overall Fifty Shades of Grey was more enjoyable than I expected it to be.


CenturyLink Arena in Boise and its rip-off beer

So I’ve been to an Idaho Steelheads game at CenturyLink Arena in Boise and bought large beers and thought nothing of it. But now it has been revealed in a YouTube video by an aware consumer that they have essentially been selling the same amount of beer in both their regular and large sizes, ripping off thousands of customers for who knows how long.

Sure they’ve now made a statement vowing to fix the problem, but they’ve already lost my trust. I enjoyed the hockey, but I wouldn’t buy any food or drink from them in the future. Not cool CenturyLink.

East Coast things I miss

Next Friday I head back to my home state of Pennsylvania and I’m excited to be around some of the things I miss about the East Coast. I’ve been stationed at Mountain Home AFB, Idaho for nearly two years and although it’s been nice there are quite a few things I can’t get out here.


First there’s Sheetz, the one stop spot combines a gas station, convenience store, sandwich shop (MTO’s, or made-to-order sandwiches) and a coffee shop. I worked at a Sheetz in Red Lion, PA for nearly 6 years through college and up until I joined the Air Force. It was a great place to work, always bright, vibrant and alive even during the night shift. You had the chance to meet hundreds of interesting people a day in a fast paced environment. I also enjoyed the food. I’m excited to see what has changed since the last time I was home over a year ago. Things at Sheetz would change pretty often so there’s a good chance there will be quite a few new menu additions waiting for me when I stop in next Friday.


Next up is Yuengling lager, which is also native to Pennsylvania. It’s been my favorite beer ever since I turned 21 and I’ve never found anything that rivals it. I remember one of the first times I went out while I was at Keesler AFB, Mississippi and I tried to order a Yuengling only to be met with confusion by the waitress. It was a devastating revelation to realize I wouldn’t have access to my favorite beer in other parts of the country.


Panera Bread can be found all over the country, but for whatever reason there isn’t one in Idaho. Panera Bread is easily my favorite ”fast” restaurant and I’m quite excited to visit once or twice while I’m in the northeast.

I’m also excited to be able to visit D.C. and New York City with my girlfriend who has never been to the northeast. It should be a fun time! I just have to make it through four more days of work 🙂

A beer a day: Samuel Adams Belgian Session

So I bought a case of Sam Adams Summer sampler and I thought I’d share my impressions on each beer, starting with Belgian Session. The bottle reads: A crisp, refreshing version of a traditional Belgian beer. Fruity, slightly spicy flavors from the Belgian yeast are balanced by toffee and caramel notes from our blend of malts. The hops provide a citrus character that rounds out this enjoyable brew. Cheers!

I’m not a beer expert by any means. Since turning 21 I’ve mostly stuck with the stuff I knew, Yuengling Lager in Pennsylvania (have not found it anywhere else I’ve lived [Texas, Mississippi and Idaho]), Bud Light Lime, Corona and the occasional Heineken.

Belgian Session has a sweet smell and a smoky aftertaste. It tastes like burnt wood in a way. Interesting. It’s rather smooth and easy to drink, but the smoky after taste is the most prevalent taste. Well I’m going to finish this beer. See you tomorrow!