Twitch Streaming: Beyond Two Souls

I finished Beyond Two Souls earlier today and streamed most of the final part of the game on Twitch. I’m in the process of copying all of the videos over to YouTube but until then you can view the videos on my Twitch channel.

Here is the last hour of the game if you’re interested in viewing it:

(there’s the Twitch stream on Youtube. I might eventually upload the actual capture file because it should be of better quality).

I enjoyed the conclusion of the game, but honestly the final third of the game is a little strange. It takes a strange turn, and at times it’s difficult to understand what any particular chapter has to do with any other (especially the chapter with the Native American family in the middle of the game). Anyway, I’m going to end up trading Beyond Two Souls in toward Gran Turismo 6.


My first PS3

I’ve never owned a PS3 and never wanted to, however as I mentioned yesterday, after seeing the Beyond Two Souls trailer I wanted one. I initially ordered one online from AAFES however it wasn’t going to ship for awhile, so I ended up driving back to base Sunday afternoon to pick one up (and I canceled the online order).

I just set everything up, downloaded all the updates and set up PS Plus (a one year subscription came with the bundle). I’m still figuring out how things work. I started downloading Saints Row The Third and Shadow of the Colossus via PS Plus and now I’m about to play Beyond Two Souls for the first time. It’s currently installing, but I’m quite excited to jump into the story.

IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2571

Gamestop: All pre-owned PS3’s $149

To this day I’ve never had any desire to own a PS3, however once I saw the Beyond Two Souls trailer on TV that changed. I felt a sudden, almost intense urge to play that game. Now I know it’s received some mixed reviews, but I still really want to play the game. It may be simply that I love Ellen Page, but it could also be that I love adventure games. Indigo Prophecy was one of my favorite games on the original Xbox and interactive story games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead continue to be some of my favorite gameplay experiences.Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 1.57.12 PM

Therefore I was elated when I saw that Gamestop is selling all pre-owned PS3 models at $149 from now until the 24th of October (the original model 360 is selling for $99 and the slim is selling for $119 during that period as well). Unfortunately my budget won’t allow me to pick up a PS3 until the first of November pay period. Still, I may end up purchasing a PS3 to play through Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls in the near future. I’m not really interested in anything else the PS3 has to offer. I have a Blu-Ray player but almost never use it as I stream the majority of my movies in HD, or rent HD movies on demand via DISH.

Hopefully you can take advantage of this sweet deal through Gamestop. It’s really the cheapest way to get a 120gb PS3, as the lowest I’ve seen a 60gb go for on Craigslist around here has been $135.