Photos from a recent camping trip outside Boise

All photos shot with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Definitely impressed with the camera, especially night mode!

Skiing Bogus Basin

Went skiing again this past Sunday at Bogus Basin (Boise, Idaho). It was a pretty awesome time even though there was less snow this week compared to last (33″ this week..there were a few brown / grassy spots but overall it wasn’t too bad). I thought I’d share this video I threw together with iMovie from our trip. It’s shot with an iPhone 4 so it’s not the best video in the world. I’m not sure if YouTube will allow the music to remain in the video. I hope so, it’s not as interesting to watch without the music (not that it’s incredibly thrilling in the first place).

I hope to post more soon, it’s been a busy week at work so I spent the weekend relaxing (and skiing of course). I’ve played a little bit of Devil May Cry 4, DmC: Devil May Cry, Dead Space and WWE 13 this week so there’s definitely a good bit to talk about when I have the time.