New Year: Quitting energy drinks

Though not necessarily a New Year’s Resolution (I never bother to make any), over the last few weeks I’ve quit energy drinks…mostly. For years I’d drink at least one energy drink a day, seven days a week. Usually on weekends I’d have 2-3 a day. At $2-3 each (Rockstar Punched) that’s upwards of $15-20 a week, at least $80 a month and easily $700+ a year. The commissary often sells Rockstar’s for $1 which was nice, but even if I bought 400 in a year for a dollar that’s still $400.

In an effort to save money and cut a couple hundred calories (and mountains of sugar) a day I decided to give up the habit. I haven’t had a Rockstar in over two weeks! I did however have a couple of Mountain Dew Kickstart’s this weekend, but I consider them more of a soda than an energy drink.


I don’t think I’ll ever kick the caffeine habit, so I’ve been drinking coffee in the morning instead. It’s not as convenient because I have to take time to brew the coffee before I hop in the shower, and it doesn’t give as much as a kick as Rockstar, but it’s much easier on the wallet, and I imagine just a bit healthier. A $7 bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee has lasted two weeks so far and should stretch another week or so.

I’m hoping I can keep up the progress I’ve made. I’m sure I won’t quit energy drinks forever, but a bit of break will be nice.

Morning Coffee: Happy MLK Day



How are you today? I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the New York Times and listening to The Beatles. It’s a nice relaxing morning. I do, however, wish the sun would show itself in Boise. All week in Mountain Home it’s been sunny and warm (mid 40’s) yet this weekend in Boise it’s been overcast / foggy and cold. It’s due to the inversion I guess, which is unfortunate.

In this picture taken from Bogus Basin (the local ski mountain) you can see how the city of Boise sits below a depressing, everlasting cloud cover while the sun shines and the sky is blue above.



I’m glad to have today off, especially since we had to work on Saturday due to the squadron getting in trouble. I’m probably going to sit here and read for awhile longer and then I’ll probably get into some video games. I picked up Gran Turismo 6 last night and look forward to giving it a spin.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with an inspiring post our Command Chief made on Facebook this morning.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 9.51.23 AM


Do not buy: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew K-cup brewer


So almost a year ago we purchased the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew K-cup / single serve coffee brewer. It was cheaper than a Keurig by around $50 (I think it was $80 or 90 at the time, it’s now around $50 and not worth a penny of it). It worked great for a month or two, however eventually it stopped puncturing K-cups and would spill water all over the place.

We had it replaced and now the second one will drip on and off and then spew out a steady stream of nearly clear, watery coffee at the end to fill up the rest of the cup. It ruins otherwise great tasting coffee. Even if we brew coffee grounds instead of a k-cup it’ll drip awkwardly and make watery coffee while spilling water all over the counter.

I’m hoping Wal-Mart will let us exchange this one for store credit so we can get a quality coffee brewer, not a cheap product that will require an exchange every month.

Starbucks and drinking coffee at home.

I have a bit of a Saturday morning tradition of dragging Vanessa with me to the Starbucks just around the corner and having a coffee (usually iced vanilla coffee) while reading the (digital) New York Times and skimming WordPress. It’s a nice and relaxing way to spend 30 minutes or so in the morning before we decide what to do with the day. It’s also nice to get out of the house. My brain always feels more productive when I’m sitting somewhere other than at home sipping on a coffee. In college I’d always take my coffee to the second floor of the library to read or write while overlooking the trees and smoke stakes of the city in the distance. I’m not sure whether it’s the brighter lights or the act of being somewhere with less distractions that puts me into a good, productive mood.

Photo on 11-30-13 at 1.38 PM

Unfortunately, this morning there weren’t any seats available so we had to take our coffees back to the house (I would’ve been willing to sit outside, though it’s a bit chilly and now starting to rain). So for now I’m drinking my coffee while listening to SiriusXM’s The Coffee House with the Penn State game taking my eyes away from the page (or screen rather).

I suppose this isn’t so bad. Do you have any particular way you like to drink your coffee? Am I just crazy? 576677_10152067618475610_1776601611_n