I’ve had Darksiders in my Steam library for awhile now (as part of the THQ bundle) but never played it. So tonight I plugged in an Xbox 360 controller, booted it up and played for a few minutes. Having recently rented and played DmC: Devil May Cry, I have to say it feels very, very familiar. You get thrown into a space with a bunch of enemies, the exit blocks off with a magic forcefield, you use a combination of light and heavy attacks and combos to fight off the enemies thus opening the forcefield and allowing you to progress.

There are plenty of combos and a combo counter will flash on the side of the screen as you hack your way through enemies. This type of gameplay just isn’t for me. It’s okay, but not something I want to do for an entire game. I’m also not really into the whole platformer thing either…The climbing and jumping and fighting and climbing and jumping….

The game looks cool though… I might play it a bit here and there in the future, but I can’t see myself getting too involved.








The best Humble Bundle yet?

So I just found out about the THQ Humble Bundle today and I’m glad I did because there are only three days left to take advantage of this great offer. If you haven’t heard of Humble Bundle, basically they usually take a collection of indie games and let you name your own price and even name how much of that money goes to each developer, the two charities (Child’s Play and The American Red Cross for this bundle) and the people behind Humble Bundle (to help pay for their bandwidth and other expenses).

I purchased Humble Bundle 2 and 3 which included games such as Braid and Cogs. The THQ bundle, however, features a rather large collection of well known, full retail games.

If you pay more than the average donation (which was around $5.61 when I made my purchase) you get all of the games below:

Saints Row 3 (bonus if you beat the average donation)
Company of Heroes (and DLC packs)
Metro 2033
Titan’s Quest
Red Faction Armageddon (and DLC)

You can download these games direct or through Steam (via Steam product keys that are unlocked after your donation of $1 or more). In addition to these games you also get the soundtracks to several of the games in either FLAC or Mp3 format, which is a nice bonus.

Pretty sweet deal for as little as $6. Of course the goal of the Humble Bundle is to raise money for charity (and in the case of the Indie Humble Bundles, to raise money and awareness for indie developers) so it’s certainly encouraged to give more than the bare minimum (you can donate as little as $1 if you choose, but then you miss out on Saints Row 3).

Remember, you only have about 3 days left to take advantage of this amazing offer! Head over to  http://humblebundle.com to get a great deal on this THQ collection and donate to a great cause!