Darth Gumballs Plays: Dead Island – 001

I’ve recently started to play around with streaming to Twitch in the typical ‘Let’s Play’ video format, and I find it adds a bit of enjoyment to playing games. Even though I know for a fact no one is watching my streams it still feels different to be playing in front of a “potential” (however unlikely) audience, whether it being someone watching the live stream or watching the recorded video on YouTube later.

I’m using OBS to stream and record my videos locally. I may put together a sort of tutorial video in the future for those who want to see exactly what the process looks like (it’s not incredibly difficult, but it may not be common sense either). Anyway, for whatever reason the actual stream on Twitch of this video was pretty choppy and ugly looking. I was downloading a few things on Steam and on my Xbox so I’m hoping that’s the culprit and next time the stream will look better.

For now, enjoy my first “Let’s Play” video for Dead Island, and feel free to follow me on Twitch [http://www.twitch.tv/jdh5153] (I’ll follow back).

The mic audio needs adjusted, I didn’t realize it was that low until after I uploaded it to YouTube.

Dead Island…Paradise…except with zombies.

Started playing Dead Island and so far it’s been quite an adventure. First of all the game looks really nice, the paradise scenery is ┬ábeautiful and it’s juxtaposed with the bloodiness, gruesomeness and violence that comes along with the zombie genre. The controls feel right and the combat feels smooth. The voice acting is well done and so far the story seems well done. I’m surprised this game hasn’t found its way into my hands sooner. Will definitely expand my thoughts on the game as I play more.