Streaming Elder Scrolls Online: Day two


Hey there, just wanted to pop in and let you know I’m about to give Elder Scrolls Online some more time and I’ve started my Twitch stream over at Feel free to swing by and check it out. Hopefully ESO will start to grow on me!



Another check in

Hey there. Still busy, sorry I haven’t been around lately. I haven’t played Elder Scrolls Online at all in the last week. I’m not sure if I’ll play much more of it. I played a bit of Trials Evolution on Xbox One and it’s pretty enjoyable. I like the atmosphere of it all, even if it is a bit distracting at times. The core gameplay is basically the same as the other Trials games (with the addition of trick mode) which is great, because the main draw is trying to beat your friends’ ghosts and top them on the leaderboard.

I hooked up my NES and played some Super Mario Bros. 3 after watching the Giant Bomb Encyclopedia Bombastica on Super Mario Bros. 2. I’ve never beaten Mario 3, in fact I’ve never made it past the first world. So I looked up how to find the first warp whistle and warped to world 4 but then the game froze. I have another copy of Mario 3 that’s in better condition so I’ll probably have to use that one if I want to try to make any serious progress. I suck at platforming games though. I always jump into pits repeatedly and just get angry and quit.

In other news, I have next week off as a break before the deployment so maybe I’ll get motivated to blog a few more times. Until then, thanks for stopping in.

This week on Playstation Plus, ESO Beta weekend



New this week on Playstation Plus is DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 users (I believe PS4 users have Don’t Starve). I tried DmC out on the 360 awhile back and didn’t really like it. The whole story felt like I was watching anime (and I’m sorry, but I hate anime) and the entire thing felt and looked too Japanese for me to enjoy it (especially the letter grade and score for each level. The score / grade screens really distract for the game and essentially serve no purpose at all).



This weekend is another The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta weekend. Those who have received beta keys will be able to play the game Friday through Sunday.