Apple Music on Android may be in Beta still, but it’s terrible

The Apple Music experience on Android has not been enjoyable since its release. Granted, it’s been in a perpetual beta status since its launch on Android, but I still expect better. I’ve had a wide variety of issues with the app which make it difficult to use, and I’m often temped to return to Spotify until I get an iPhone.

One of the most annoying g problems I have with the app is that my downloaded music seems to somehow get corrupted. The music will show that it is downloaded to my phone, but the songs will not play when I don’t have an Internet connection. They simply appear to load indefinitely. What’s strange is that sometimes music that worked fine offline will suddenly stop working offline for no apparent reason. I’ll have to remove the download and re-download them to get them to work offline again. Nothing is more annoying than downloading something to listen to on the bus ride to work and have it not play once I’m away from WiFi.

Another issue I have that’s just as annoying is that the app crashes often. So often that my phone recommended I remove the app. Crashes happen while clicking on a song, browsing playlist or even when I try to skip a track. When the app doesn’t crash it will start and stop playing songs at random. At the gym I’ll hit play, slip my phone into my pocket and in about five seconds the song will just stop playing. I’ll try to restart the song but the play button disappears, and surprise, the app soon crashes again.

Despite all these problems, I don’t necessarily blame Apple. My entire Android experience has been terrible, and I often find myself contemplating paying off my Galaxy S6 early to get back to the much better platform of the iPhone.

It’s worth noting that Apple Music works perfectly fine on my MacBook and iPad, and overall I enjoy those experiences more than the Spotify experience. That’s the only thing that has kept me from switching back.

Trying out Google Wallet

google wallet

This morning I finally figured out how to use Google Wallet on my Galaxy S6 to check out at the gas station. They’ve had signs saying they now accept Google Wallet and Apple Pay for about a month or so, but the few times I’ve tried to use it I couldn’t get it to work and the cashiers didn’t quite know how it was supposed to work.

This morning the older gentleman in front of me was mentioning something about how difficult it was to use the card reader, and the lady mentioned how these days people are just using their phones to check out (this certainly didn’t appeal to the older man). I asked her about it when I got up to pay and she assured me it should work, so sure enough I pulled out my phone, tapped the Google Wallet icon, entered my pin and tapped it to the touchscreen part of the card reader.

The card reader then displayed the transaction amount and asked me to hit yes or no, and that was it. Much faster than pulling out my debit card, swiping it and entering my pin on the card reader (followed by ‘cash back yes/no’ ‘amount ok yes/no’). The transaction also immediately showed in my Google Wallet history and I was on my way.

Google Wallet Galaxy S6


Pretty neat! Unfortunately, not too many places take phone payments, or if they do they’re not advertising it. I feel weird trying to tap my phone on card readers wherever I go, so I haven’t been trying it at many places unless they have signs posted or the tap to pay symbol. Interestingly, this gas station’s card readers don’t display the tap to pay symbol, but tapping your phone on the screen is all you need to do.


Hopefully more stores will open up to Google Wallet and Apple Pay in the near future! I’ve already almost completely stopped using paper money and now I’m ready to ditch the plastic as well!