Gran Turismo 6, a step forward, not by much

Gran Turismo 6 cover

Yesterday I picked up Gran Turismo 6 and played through the beginner series and first license test today. There are a few improvements over Gran Turismo 5, but not very many. First off the intro movie is just weird, and makes no sense. The piano music and even the second music piece feel out of place. Chalk that up to Japan just being weird I suppose.

The first thing that stands out like a sore thumb is the pathetically awful sound effects in Gran Turismo 6. The cars sound like vacuum cleaners and collisions sound like someone banging on a plastic drum. Downright awful sounds that distract from the racing experience.

The menu system is a bit cleaner than GT5’s, but it still has a long way to go. The computer desktop style just doesn’t cut it anymore. The in game music is another thing that distracts from the supposed ‘simulation’ racing experience. Sure you can turn it off, but then all you have to put up with is the godawful car sounds.

The fact that there are still license tests in this game is also puzzling. What point do they serve at this point? How many times do we have to do a brake test? I want to play a racing game to race, not to be faced with mandatory road blocks that slow progress in the game and can’t be skipped.

On the plus side GT6 does seem to load faster than GT5, but not by much. For example, when you finish one part of a license test you have to back out to the menu to get to the next sub step of the license test. WHY?

Overall GT6 is a slight improvement, but if you’ve ever played a Forza game you’ll notice the Gran Turismo series is miles and miles behind the competition. I can’t wait to get an Xbox One so I can go back to playing Forza.

Gran Turismo 5: First Impressions

IMG_2643The last Gran Turismo game I played was Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 and at that point I remember being very burned out on Gran Turismo. Soon after I discovered Forza on the Xbox which was an incredible game. Forza 3 was even more mind-blowing and lastly Forza 4 became my favorite racing game of all time.

I decided to check out Gran Turismo 5 (XL edition) because it was cheap and I figured I’d see what it has to offer. So far I have to say I like Forza 4 much better and I can only assume Forza 5 will probably be my next gen racing game of choice.


One of the things I’m not liking about Gran Turismo 5 is its overall presentation and menus. They seem very plain and yet overly cluttered at the same time. The bland jazzy and techno background music doesn’t add anything either, and even the in game race music is getting on my nerves.

IMG_2642 IMG_2641

I installed the game which claimed would make loading times faster, but they’re still painfully slow. I completed the B license test which consists of 10 individual tests and the time it took to get from one test to the next was painful. I’m not certain why the game doesn’t transition from test to test instead of making me click ‘next session’ and wait for what seems like an eternity to get into the next test. Furthermore I wish the license test barrier didn’t even exist.


The racing is okay, but the cars don’t feel anything like they do in Forza. Nor do they sound as good. Also when I bump into cars it makes an awful sound and I bounce off as if we have barriers. I assume the damage setting isn’t turned on by default, but either way it’s quite an ugly experience.


The tracks and environments are also quite ugly so far. They pale in comparison to the beauty and detail found in Forza 4.

In the end I’ll probably continue to play GT5 as I await Forza 5 and the Xbox One, but if you have a choice between GT5 and Forza 4, I would definitely choose Forza 4.

I was hoping to post a gameplay video, but I’m having issues uploading to YouTube right now. If it goes through I’ll add it later.