Fooling around in GTA Online

I hopped on GTA Online last night just to fool around in the world. It was nice to just goof off without worrying about running businesses or missions trying to make money. I probably flew around in a helicopter for a good hour, just following people around taking in the chaos before just about everyone on the server got bumped out of the blue. In the first video I was just waiting by an AFK player (one of only two others on the server at that point) when I saw a dot approaching on the map and tried to figure out where it was coming from. They made quite the entrance.

In the second video I was following around a blimp as a player in an Opressor made attempts to land on it. I think the blimp pilot didn’t appreciate all of the attention as they tried to slip away.


Day two of GTA Online: Still no luck

I still have not been able to get past the tutorial in GTA V. I’m stuck on the ‘waiting for other players’ screen again. I’ve read of a few possible workarounds, one mentioned on the Rockstar website involves deleting the title update from your hard drive and downloading it again. I’m going to try that and if that doesn’t work then I’ll just give it a rest until Rockstar gets all the bugs worked out.


Ok so I deleted and redownloaded the title update and tried joining GTA Online via the ‘solo session’ option which some people have said has worked, however this time I get stuck on an infinite loading screen where before it said ‘waiting for players’ so I’ve made no progress. Looks like I’ll be waiting awhile longer to check out GTA Online.

Trying to play GTA Online

GTA Online launched today (the online counterpart to GTA V), however so far it’s been facing lots of roadblocks. Rockstar warned that the launch would be rocky, so this isn’t something unexpected. I haven’t been able to get into the actual gameplay yet, but you can view my efforts below if you want.