Picked up a Corsair Void RGB Wireless Headset

I finally decided to purchase a headset for my desktop last week, and ordered the Corsair Void RGB wireless headset ($99). I wanted a wireless solution since I had moved my desktop out of my office when I got my Oculus.

The Void has a small USB receiver that’s about the size of a thumb drive, which once plugged in will have the headset ready to use in about a minute.¬†You can then download the Corsair Utility Engine app which will allow you to change the color and animation of the lights on the headset (note my sweet pink glow below) as well as tinker with sound profiles.

The headset is the most comfortable gaming headset I’ve owned to date, and they stay comfortable even during longer gaming sessions. My desktop is about ten feet from my desk and I haven’t had any issue with the wireless signal dropping, even as I walk into the kitchen to grab a drink between rounds in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

One of the most important features (behind comfort in my opinion) of a headset is of course sound quality, and the Void doesn’t disappoint. I’m not picky, but every game sounds great through the headset.

If you’re in the market for a new PC headset, I highly recommend the Void RGB Wireless by Corsair.



Can you use regular headphones with Xbox One headset adapter?

xbox headset adapter

The other night I had a bit of trouble finding a definitive answer to this question, so I figured I’d answer it for anyone else wondering the same. Yes, just about any set of headphones will work with the Xbox One headset adapter (for game / chat sound at least).

Since I’m ‘deployed’ and have a roommate I had been previously plugging my Bose headphones into the TV so that I could game without bothering anyone, however being able to plug my headphones directly into the controller (via the adapter) has made things much more convenient. You can receive game and chat audio wirelessly via the controller, though not all headsets will work for chat (it would seem inline microphones won’t work).