You can now watch Netflix through Dish Network’s Hopper

I recorded this video the other week and just got around to uploading it. In it I take a look at the new Netflix app that’s available on Dish Network’s Hopper. The app is a convenient way for many to access Netflix if they don’t already have a way of using the service (such as a Roku, Chromecast, smart TV or video game console).


FOX and DISH Anywhere: Why I’m no longer watching FOX

One of the main reasons I subscribed to DISH Network was because of the DISH Anywhere feature with the Hopper. DISH Anywhere allows you to tune into live TV from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. The Hopper has Slingbox technology built in, so basically you can watch TV through your receiver over the internet.

Now that broadcast companies have succeeded in taking down a brilliant new technology with Aereo, FOX is already going after Dish Network in an attempt to put a stop to DISH Anywhere.

As a member of the military who uses DISH Anywhere to watch live and recorded TV anywhere in the world, I’m not too happy with Fox’s decision. I pay for DISH, and DISH pays to rebroadcast network television, how I consume those broadcasts is none of Fox’s business. The fact that they are so against technology making TV consumption better (especially for those often away from home) has driven me to the decision to no longer watch any Fox broadcasting.

I sincerely hope DISH fights Fox on this (which I believe they will) and I seriously hope another great technology is not killed by the hands of greedy executives who do not care for their consumers.

The joys of having “Cable”: We got DISH Network


Many people are proud to call themselves “cable cutters” and as time goes by it seems more and more are cutting cable. Netflix, Hulu and Crackle are great services but for awhile now Vanessa and I have been wanting to get cable. Sure there was plenty to watch on Netflix, but it was always a chore deciding what to watch. It would be nice to be able to throw something on, or channel surf.

We started looking into DISH and it seemed like the best option. So far it seems like we’ve made a great choice. We got the Hopper in the living room and the Joey receiver in the bedroom. The Hopper features three tuners, so we can live TV in the living room and the bedroom while DVR’ing one show, or watch live TV in one room while DVR’ing two concurrent shows. It also has the Primetime Anytime feature which only uses one tuner to DVR ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX all at once during primetime.

One of the most important features of DISH for me is the Dish Anywhere feature via the Hopper with Sling. With the hopper connected to our WiFi I can login to my account from anywhere and watch live TV or any show we’ve DVR’ed. It’s pretty cool to be able to login and watch anything when you’re on the go, or even over at a friends house.

The video is kind of low quality right now…Will have a 720p version up soon.

Below are some pictures and brief overviews of some of Dish’s features.


A look at the three tuners, watching CNN on the living room TV, Comedy Central on my iPad and recording Pink Floyd: The Wall.


With the Dish Anywhere app for the iPad you can watch any channel live and even program your DVR, from anywhere.


Watching a show from our DVR on the iPad


The Dish explorer app is another great iPad app which is essentially a TV guide app that’s socially connected. As you can see from the Facebook icon it will display shows your Facebook friends like (the number next to the icon shows how many friends like the given show).1208787_10104953896568454_72153368_n

The Hopper with Sling.