Playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I’ve only played about two hours of Zelda in my life, shared between the 20 minutes I spent with Ocarina of Time back when it first came out (I couldn’t figure it out), A Link to the Past (got stuck) and Skyward Sword (got distracted and never progressed far at all).

With this extra time off for Christmas I decided to give Ocarina of Time another try and stream it to Twitch. Initially I got to the first boss (Gohma) and got destroyed. I couldn’t figure out exactly what I was supposed to do and the 3 minions that it spawned ended up killing me. When I respawned at the beginning of the level (Inside the Deku Tree) I thought I’d have to do the entire sequence over again and decided to quit. Fortunately it turns out you can just jump down the holes and go back to the boss chamber to try again.

My second attempt was much more successful and I got further into the game than I ever have before. It’s been enjoyable so far, but I think in the long run I’ll get easily frustrated and probably won’t finish. Anywho, you can view my second session below.

Returning to World of Warcraft….again…

Today I played World of Warcraft for the first time in six months. I just got a random urge to play again, so I activated my account and logged in. I hit a level cap for the first time since I started playing WoW (which I believe was somewhere around 2007 or 2008). Every year around October the weather reminds me of the time I first tried WoW. One of the things that blew me away was the experience of taking down the Headless Horseman with a bunch of other players, all while inhaling the fresh autumn air through the window and munching on candy corn between classes in my sophomore year of college.

I’ve played on and off since then, but never got too into it. It’s fun to play here and there ,but I’m not one to play the game religiously or scientifically, with a bunch of add ons and crunching numbers, reading strategy guides and determining ‘proper’ class builds. I just play to play, that’s all. I’ve never done a proper raid. I did do a few of the Cataclysm raids via Raid Finder, but it was just a bunch of random people jumping into and out of the raid, many of them disinterested.

Anyway, here’s a gameplay video of my return to WoW: