Madden 15 ‘this file cannon be loaded’ fix

madden 15 this file cannot be loaded

I’ve recently been playing Madden 15 regularly again and when I tried to load up my connected franchise today I was hit with the error above (This file cannot be loaded because it was created with a differente version of the game.). The game hadn’t downloaded any updates that I was aware of, so I was a little panicked. I always keep both an autosave and a manual save of my franchise so I tried loading up the manual save and was hit with the same error. After that I was really panicked. I was mid way through my fourth season and had had an outstanding career so far.

I searched around and couldn’t find any clear solution to the problem. Some posts from 2014 mentioned deleting the latest roster updates, which I did, however this didn’t fix the problem. I also tried completely restarted my Xbox One, but still had the problem.

Ultimately I was able to fix the issue by deleting my Madden 15 save data from the console and downloading it from the cloud again. To do this press start on the Madden 15 icon in your games and apps and select manage game. From there go over to save data and select it to delete it. Make sure you delete the local files only, not both (which will delete your backup!). After I did this I restarted Madden 15 and after it finished syncing the data my save file worked again.

Hopefully this will work for anyone else who has encountered this problem. Thank goodness for the cloud!!


Best of 2014, honorable mentions

If you haven’t yet seen my top 5 games of 2014, be sure to check that out. Now I’d like to throw out some honorable mentions that just didn’t quite make the cut.

A significant game that didn’t land in my top 5 is Dragon Age Inquisition. I absolutely loved the first two Dragon Age games, and I’ve enjoyed my time with Inquisition so far, but it just hasn’t grabbed my attention enough to merit making a top 5 list.


I’ve put maybe 18-20 hours into it so far, which overall isn’t a lot, and I’ve never really felt all that involved. It feels like the game is trying to accomplish too much, or at least more than I care to pay attention to and I never have any idea what’s going on. Also I’ve been annoyed by the insane amount of loot that appears in the game. If I want to pick up everything possible I find myself hitting ‘A’ every 20-30 seconds and picking up a bunch of items and then I have to go to the inventory screen and see if I picked up anything worth using. It’s just downright annoying, and at this point I’ve just stopped looting the enemies I kill.

Maybe I’ll start to enjoy the game more as I get further into it, but so far I feel like it’s been pretty mediocre at best.

Another game worth mentioning is Madden 15. I really wanted Madden to make my list, but I couldn’t squeeze it in alongside the other great games that made it. Madden 25 didn’t feel like much of an upgrade on the new consoles, but Madden 15 was a wonderful step forward. The game looks and feels amazing to play and is one of the best football experiences to date. I didn’t end up getting FIFA 15 this year, but I’m sure that’s just as good of an experience (I love FIFA 14 still!).

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a refreshing take on the Call of Duty formula with the exo skeleton freshening up the online play and Kevin Spacey bringing an amazing performance to the campaign. I’d probably still be playing Advanced Warfare if I weren’t so swept up in the Master Chief Collection.

Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition not only provides a great value by including the Reaper of Souls expansion but it also offers a revamped Diablo III experience tailored for current gen consoles. The game is a blast to play either via couch co-op or online with friends and strangers alike, and there’s more epic loot than you’ll ever be able to carry. It’s a great experience and one of the best co-op games of the year!

Forza Horizon 2 is an absolutely beautiful racing game that makes exploring the world just as fun as competing in races. The road trips that take you between each racing hub or a wonderful way to explore the world and see all the amazing scenery. The online multiplayer modes are a blast, whether you’re free roaming or playing the zombie attack mode. There are plenty of beautiful cars and a ton of road (and off road) to cover.

It’s strange to think Titanfall came out this year. It came out early in the Xbox One’s life (at least early enough so there wasn’t much else to play) and I was quite excited for it. Initially I was amazed by Titanfall and found it refreshing to play and a lot more enjoyable than the other shooter available at the time, Call of Duty Ghosts. Although I enjoyed Titanfall at the time, it quickly became lost in a sea of other releases and I haven’t given it a second thought since.

Last, but certainly not least, is GTA V. Rockstar put a lot of love into making GTA V a superb experience on current gen consoles. The world looks even more stunning than ever before, but they also added an entirely new experience with first person view. I haven’t used the view much, but it certainly changes the way things play throughout the game. I’m just in awe at how amazing the world looks and how fun it is to run around in it still.

SmartGlass for Xbox One (I love it!)


I haven’t used SmartGlass in awhile, but I started using it again recently and I’m in love with it. It makes everything incredibly convenient and even more enjoyable. I love being able to check in on my friends, send messages or view achievements without ever having to leave my game by pushing the home button. I love being able to type using SmartGlass, and I absolutely love the companion apps. You can even view your game clips!


One of my favorite features, which I believe is rather new, is the ability to record game clips using SmartGlass. There’s a ‘Record That’ button at the bottom of the screen (if you’re using a companion app there will be three dots at the bottom of the screen. Simply tap those and a bar will pop up with the ‘Record That’ button on it).

Xbox One SmartGlass

Yesterday I started using the Battlefield 4 companion app which gives you a full screen map and shows your teammate and spotted enemy positions. It’s great for keeping up your situational awareness of the battlefield, and can help you figure out where all the action is.


I also enjoy using the Madden 15 companion app which will show previously used plays, opponent tendencies and roster information. You can also manage your depth chart using the app which is an added convenience.

10590537_10107107521481864_4091140121855499339_n 10482134_10107107521307214_3044434911073733864_n

I kind of wish more games (such as Diablo III) had companion apps (I’d love a full screen map and inventory management using SmartGlass), but I’m sure there will be more amazing uses in the coming months. I strongly recommend checking out the Xbox One SmartGlass app if you haven’t had a chance to already.