We saw 42 on Friday. 42 tells the tale of the first black MLB player, Jackie Robinson. The movie is absolutely wonderful. It’s sad, scary, upsetting and incredibly moving throughout the two hour tale. The acting is great throughout and Harrison Ford plays his character very well.

The film’s scenery is incredible and it really helps bring the viewer into the late 1940’s baseball scene. There are many heavy, hard to watch moments in the movie but there are just as many lighthearted, heartwarming moments to balance it out and you’ll certainly leave the theater with a smile on your face. I highly recommend you see this movie, I loved it.


MLB2k13 is real!



I was worried over the last few months because there was a lot of talk of 2K not renewing its license to make MLB games which would make the only baseball game Sony’s The Show. Therefore 360 gamers would be entirely shut out of the 2013 baseball season which would be quite tragic. Luckily 2k revealed MLB 2k13 yesterday with a March 5th release date.

Kindle Fire Apps: MLB.tv and Flipboard

I thought I’d share a few Kindle Fire apps that I’ve enjoyed lately. Flipboard has been around for awhile but just recently made its way to the Kindle Fire and I absolutely love it. The app presents news stories in a beautiful and convenient format in which you flip through categories and stories that are presented visually. You can also view your Facebook and Twitter timelines in the same format which is kind of neat.

The MLB.tv app is a great companion app for MLB.tv subscribers (if you’re a subscriber you want the ‘Lite’ free app. The $15 app is for non-subscribers and doesn’t allow you to watch streaming games). The app features various pages including a scoreboard, standings and news. You can view a visual play by play report of a game, listen to live game day audio, or watch games live. It’s nice to check in on games with the Kindle when I’m away from my TV. I can be watching a game using the Xbox app and if I have to walk away I can stream the game on the Kindle in another room. Love it.