I’ll admitt, I didn’t even know they were making an Ant-Man movie until about last week. I don’t ever recall seeing a trailer for it or hearing anything about it. I know very little about the character, but I do remember seeing him in some old Avengers comics. I honestly probably would have never gone to see Ant-Man on my own, but this evening some people from work wanted to see it so I tagged along.

galaxy cannery Vegas

We went to the Galaxy theater at the Cannery in North Las Vegas, and the theater itself was pretty darn nice! I loved the reclining seats, and although the only seats left were in the first three rows it wasn’t too bad once fully reclined. Heck, I’m not sure I can go back to a normal movie theater after watching a movie in these chairs, it was awesome!

Overall I enjoyed Ant-Man, however I feel that the set up was a little drawn out and overly boring. I guess most origin stories are a little drawn out, but I just wasn’t getting into the movie at all in the beginning. That said, once the character is established things start to move along at a quicker and more exciting pace. The scenes in which Ant-Man is insect sized are wonderfully pleasing to watch and they do some truly unique things with the concept. As enjoyable as Ant-Man is visually, the Marvel movie formula makes much of the film predictable and causes some of the comedy to fall flat.

In the end I enjoyed Ant-Man more than I enjoyed the last Avengers movie, however I want Marvel to step outside of the Marvel movie box a bit more, if that makes sense. I’d recommend Ant-Man to anyone both those who enjoy Marvel films in particular and even those who are just action comedy fans. There’s plenty for everyone to enjoy.



Worth Watching: The DUFF


Last night we rented The DUFF on Xbox Video. I have a tendency to enjoy these types of movies (Easy A is one of my favorite movies) so I figured this would be enjoyable. It turns out my hunch was right. A lot of people have seen trailers for this movie and laughed it off as a silly premise and assumed the movie would be terrible. I’m here to assure you that that is not the case with this movie.

Mae Whitman plays the socially awkward character Bianca perfectly and is enjoyable to watch (just as she was in The Perks of Being a Wallflower). Her chemistry with Robbie Amell’s character, Wes, is great throughout and even as their unlikely romance is predictable it’s still great to watch it unfold.

THE DUFF cyberbullying

The DUFF deals with many issues that plague high school life, but one of the primary issues it addresses is cyberbullying. A video taken of Bianca as she loosens up and enjoys herself for once is edited by her peers who attempt to humiliate her and the video goes viral over the course of a single day. The damage that can be done by this type of cyberbullying is briefly addressed, however the way that Bianca overcomes this bullying is heartwarming to watch, even if the entire situation isn’t entirely realistic.

Overall I enjoyed The DUFF from beginning to end, and am not ashamed to admit it. I definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you’ve enjoyed other films such as Easy A.

Recently watched: Get Hard



This past weekend we decided to ignore the negative Rotten Tomatoes score and see Get Hard. Now let me say upfront, I generally don’t find Will Ferrell to be very funny. Sure he can make me laugh every so often, but I find most of his movies to be too cheesy to sit through. That said, I absolutely love Kevin Hart and was excited to see how well they worked together.

The movie starts off a little slow, but once it manages to get the set up out of the way things start to get good. Kevin Hart is hilarious and Ferrell’s character’s profound stupidity and ignorance make for some outrageously funny situations. Sure most of the laughs are downright simple and immature, but everything is done just right and it’s hard not to enjoy it. At some points the comedy may be borderline offensive or tasteless, but the majority of it is done well and certainly made me laugh more than I have during any other Will Ferrell routine.

Kevin Hart is the star of the movie and I can’t wait to see what he does next! I highly recommend Get Hard to anyone who wants something lighthearted, occassionaly outrageous and an all round good time. If you enjoyed the Hangover movies you’ll certainly find something to enjoy with Get Hard.

Fifty Shades of Grey


Last night we saw Fifty Shades of Grey, but before we made our way to the theater we stopped at the Yard House to make sure I was fully prepared to see this “chick flick” (of sorts).

10959869_10108138958658494_6457669056781986586_n 1622776_10108138958523764_4326568830159782653_n

A couple Sam Adam’s led to the dark, yet drinkable Odin’s Gift (an amber ale from Odin Brewing of Seattle). After the drinks we walked over to the theater and took our seats. We chose the VIP section so that we could have dinner as well (and more importantly a few more beers).


So, what did I think of the movie? Well it wasn’t terrible. Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson play their roles well and great chemistry. I hadn’t read the book, so I can’t really comment on how well the movie treats its source material, but on its own it told a pretty coherent and enjoyable story.

It’s worth nothing that there’s quite a bit of nudity in the film, but it’s tasteful. Probably due to the R rating (as opposed to NC-17), almost all of the sex scenes only show the female upper body. Anastasia’s facial expressions do a pretty good job of telling the rest of the story, however I imagine hardcore fans of the books probably are left wanting.

I really enjoyed the way scenes are shot throughout the film and the soundtrack is superb. I also enjoyed the growth of the character’s throughout the film. I expected them to be pretty black and white, however they’re a lot more human and the way Mr. Grey starts to change is interesting. Overall Fifty Shades of Grey was more enjoyable than I expected it to be.


The Theory of Everything is a wonderful experience


Last night we watched The Theory of Everything, the biopic directed by James Marsh (Man on Wire) and based on the Jane Wilde Hawking memoir Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen (Alma Books, 2008).

I didn’t know a whole lot about the film going in, or even much about Stephen’s life so I expected it to center more on his scientific achievements over his personal life. In reality the film focuses almost entirely on his relationship with Jane and the trials and tribulations during their time together. It was actually quite informative and a good story that causes a great variety of strong emotional reactions throughout.


The film is a great visual experience, with plenty of great colors and wonderful scenes that left me in awe. Eddie Redmayne plays Stephen Hawking wonderfully from his healthier youthful days right through the rapid progression of his disease. I also really enjoyed the performances of Charlie Cox (Jonathan Jones) and Maxine Peake (Elaine Mason).

Overall The Theory of Everything is an incredible movie with superb acting, a wonderful soundtrack, great visuals and a compelling, emotionally taxing story. I highly recommend it, 5 out of 5.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty Poster


Last night we watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, which tells the story of a man who has been very unremarkable for most of his life but constantly daydreams about grand adventures. Eventually Walter is inspired to go on a wild adventure of his own which transforms his character and allows him to realize he is significant in the real world after all.

The movie is visually pleasing throughout with great scenery and vibrant colors and it’s set to an absolutely AMAZING soundtrack. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty features the best use of music of any movie I’ve seen in awhile. One of my favorites is “Dirty Paws”

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty tells an inspiring, feel-good tale that is certain to leave you with a warm heart. It also may very well inspire you to seek out your own adventures in life, no matter how large or small. In the end, just know that you have already done many amazing things and inspired many people whether you realize it or not.

Recently Watched: Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor Poster


Last night we watched Lone Survivor, the true story of how Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell became the lone survivor of an operation gone horribly wrong. The movie is action packed yet it also hits your emotions hard. The firefight scenes are intense and the firing doesn’t stop until the very end. The story is quite remarkable and I highly recommend it.