I’ll be writing again soon!


Hey, I just wanted to check in and explain why I haven’t written very much of anything over the last few weeks. I was taking a class for work that demanded a lot of my time, which meant I had very little time left over to play video games and even less time to write about them. I mostly only played a few hours of Overwatch on the Xbox One over the last few weeks, and while I prefer the PC version, the fact that I have friends who play on the Xbox that I can group up with makes it much more fun to play on the Xbox.

I tried out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided from Redbox, but didn’t really like it at all. I found the opening cinematic very corny / video gamey, and couldn’t take it serious. Besides that I found it to be overly difficult, even on the easiest setting. I had never played a Deus Ex game before and I died over and over again early on until I just decided to give up all together and go back to Overwatch.

I’ll be writing soon! Thank you for your patience!

Trying out Overwatch on the Xbox

This weekend I ended up buying a second copy of Overwatch for the Xbox One (I’ve only played on PC previously) because I wanted to be able to play with some friends who only play on Xbox. I’ve played a handful of matches on the Xbox so far, and it’s an entirely different world compared to PC. During the very first match I played I ended up with three kids on my team, who sounded maybe 11 or 12, who had no idea what they were doing, but they’d just scream in excitement anytime anything happened. Heck, one of the kid’s gamertag had the word Minecraft in it. It was a cringeworthy experience. I played several more matches, and I was having flashbacks to my early Halo 3 experiences on the Xbox 360 via the voice chat. I’ve often complained that it seems like no one uses voice chat on the Xbox One, but that’s certainly not true so far with Overwatch.

I’m hoping the negative experiences are just because I’m playing at a low level so far (around level 5), but the community isn’t the only thing that makes it different than playing on PC. I’ve noticed the load times are excruciatingly slow. On PC I can launch into a match in a matter of seconds, however on the Xbox One it seems like every time I end up waiting a minute, get thrown into a skirmish for several minutes and then end up loading into an actual match. I’ve hardly ever experienced the skirmish “waiting room” on PC, and it wouldn’t really bug me, but the load time into and out of the skirmish is painfully slow.

The graphics, of course, look a lot less sharp, but they’re not terrible. The real bummer comes with using the controller to aim. It’s an incredibly different experience, and it’s incredibly painful to line up shots. Despite this, I’ve found it incredibly easy to dominate as Bastion. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of experience with Bastion on the PC and I’m playing against presumably newer players so far, but I’ve gotten higher kill streaks than I ever have on PC and it’s been fun!

Overwatch Origins Edition

The PC version of Overwatch will continue to be my go to game, however it’s nice to be able to hop in and play with an entirely different pool of players every now and then. I don’t feel bad about buying Overwatch twice at all. Blizzard has made such a beautiful game that they deserve every penny they’ve earned from me.

Blizzard is again wrestling with DDoS attackers


Overwatch players were faced with login issues during a DDoS attack just two days ago, and it seems that Blizzard is wrestling with DDoS attackers yet again, early this morning. I opened Battle.Net only to see a message stating that players are experience high latency and disconnects in World of Warcraft as a result of ongoing DDoS attacks. The attacks are presumably in response to the series of bans leveled against players caught cheating in Overwatch recently.

It’s unfortunate that people take pleasure in cheating in multiplayer games in the first place, but to then attempt to further disrupt the fun that the rest of us have is just childish. Blizzard will likely have things back up and running smoothly rather quickly, so in the meantime I think it’ll be best to let their servers recuperate and instead head to the gym earlier than usual.

In the end the attackers will have caused nothing more than a minor nuisance, and the rest of us will be able to go on enjoying Blizzard’s games.



The issues were resolved very shortly after I posted this. I logged into World of Warcraft and it played smoothly while I was on.




Stormwind was full of life early this morning!


Having a blast with Overwatch!

Overwatch PC

After work Thursday morning I stopped by Wal-Mart to pick up a copy of Overwatch for PC (I normally download games, but have gone over my 400gb bandwidth cap for two straight months and run the risk of getting forced into a higher tier plan). I didn’t follow Overwatch much before its release, and never played any of the beta’s, however I couldn’t escape the buzz around the launch of Overwatch. Everything I had heard about it was overwhelmingly positive, and after being disappointed by Battleborn I figured Overwatch would better live up to expectations.

I spent a few hours with the game this weekend and am already hooked! Overwatch’s matches are fast paced and brief, compared to the drawn out, boring matches of Battleborn. I know they’re two different games, but it’s hard to avoid comparing the two. What’s even better is that just about every match feels competitive, I’ve never encountered a match where it didn’t at least feel like my team could win. Most of the matches I’ve played end up in an overtime period and it’s been exhilarating to just barely squeak out a win at the last minute of a match.

Overwatch roster

The list of characters available at the start of Overwatch seems daunting, however it’s pretty easy to learn how to play a character. The ability to swap hero’s each time you spawn (if you wish) further encourages experimentation. If you start a match with a character you’ve never played and realize you’re not going to have fun during the match, you can switch to another hero before your next respawn with no penalty.

Overwatch Pharrah

Despite the variety of heros available, I haven’t been able to get away from playing as Pharah. I’ve just had too much fun to try anyone else. I love being able to shoot anywhere in the vicinity of enemies (or groups of enemies) and doing enough splash damage to take them down. I might not be playing well, but it feels like I’m contributing to the cause even if I’m not racking up kills (or eliminations).


Overwatch looks and runs great on both my desktop and my laptop. I recently picked up an Acer Aspire V15 Nitro – Black Edition (GTX 960M 2GB, 2.60GHz i7, 8GB RAM) and it runs great on high settings while still being smooth and looking great, which is awesome! The UI and menus of Overwatch are also expertly crafted, and everything feels just right.

Everything about Overwatch just feels perfect. The gameplay is easy to pick up and fun for everyone, and the objective based matches are always enjoyable and never feel one sided. The loot box system is a great way to make players want to play ‘just one more match’ to level up and earn a new box, however even without a reward system I’d want to keep playing for hours because every moment of Overwatch is absolutely thrilling.


I can’t wait to jump back into Overwatch. I can see myself playing a match or two a day for months and months to come.