Why I recommend turning off AR mode in Pokemon GO

So in my time with Pokemon GO so far I’ve noticed something that could become somewhat of an issue for those unaware of the game. Basically most of the Pokemon I’ve found in the streets have been located “in” people’s houses. In other words, with AR mode turned on I’ve had to point my phone at someone’s house while standing awkwardly along the sidewalk in order to locate it. I know that a lot of people are paranoid about people pointing phones are cameras at their houses (I’ve seen many posts on the Nextdoor app in recent months complaining about possible thieves taking pictures of their houses and saying they’ve called the police).

I think it would be best for Pokemon GO players to turn off the AR mode when wandering around the neighborhood hunting for Pokemon. If you don’t mind spooking your neighbors, then by all means stand in front of their houses pointing your phone at them, but I think it would be wise for most players to disable the AR mode.

How to turn off AR mode in Pokemon GO