The 2014-15 NFL Season is underway!


The 2014 NFL Regular Season has begun as the Seahawks lead the Packers 17-10 in the first half! I’m pumped, can’t wait to see how the Ravens do this season. Unfortunately most Sunday games will be on at 2AM Monday morning here in Korea (and I’ll be at work), so I ended up subscribing to NFL Rewind to watch the games (which I’ll use with a VPN since it’s blocked outside of the US). Since I’m stationed in Idaho I don’t get to watch many Ravens games on TV anyway (I have DISH, so no Sunday Ticket for me. I had it last year thanks to the Madden 25 Anniversary edition which was quite nice).

Hope you enjoy all the great football on the way this weekend!



Happy NFL Sunday

Love that commercial. The Ravens aren’t off to a strong start, but luckily neither are the Dolphins…No TD’s so far, just a pair of field goals for each. The Seahawks started strong, going up 12-0, but the Colts have caught up and it’s now 14-12.

Go Ravens! Go Seahawks!

Sunday Ticket Seahawks Stream is down (Now fixed)

If you’re watching DirectTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket on a computer you’ll notice the Seattle Seahawks game is currently down (experience technical difficulties).

IMG_2518 IMG_2519

@Directv tweeted out a workaround to view the stream:

It works, fortunately. Having the closed captioning on the screen is annoying, but it’s better than missing the game entirely. Hopefully they get the regular stream fixed soon.

Go Seahawks!