How to play local multiplayer on Tetris Ultimate (video)

I posted awhile back explaining how to play local multiplayer on Tetris Ultimate on the Xbox One, and now I figured I’d add a how to video to make it even simpler.

The game doesn’t explain how to add additional local players at all, so it took me awhile to figure it out at first. Basically the second player needs to login and then they need to push ‘A’ to be added to the local party. Hope this helps you out if you were confused!


My copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris arrives tomorrow!


After seeing the quicklook on Giant Bomb and realizing that current gen consoles aren’t region locked, I immediately went over to Solaris Japan and ordered a copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris from Japan. As many were, I was a bit underwhelmed by the recent release of Tetris Ultimate here in the states, but was immediately sold once I saw the Japanese game. The game offers a unique style (very Japan) and a twist on the gameplay with the Puyo Puyo integration.

If you don’t know anything about Puyo Puyo, I invite you to check out Giant Bomb’s quick look, it’s quite entertaining! Can’t wait to play it after it arrives!

I had never imported any video game before, but Solaris Japan made it quick and easy. I was able to pay using PayPal, and after selecting the quickest shipping option the total came out to just over $60 which seems pretty reasonable. The game shipped quickly (the day after I ordered it I believe) and everything has gone smoothly so far. It’s scheduled for delivery tomorrow by DHL, so hopefully I’ll be able to pop it in and give it a try before heading into work tomorrow night.

How to play local multiplayer on Tetris Ultimate on Xbox One

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So yesterday I downloaded Tetris Ultimate on the Xbox One with the hopes of playing some Tetris with my girlfriend. However, I found it incredibly difficult to figure out how to start a local multiplayer match. The menus say to add members to your party to start a Versus or Coop match, and there’s a box on the right with “friends” in it (it only lists AI players for me right now).

Even though my girlfriend was logged in, she didn’t show up on that list. I tried starting a party via Xbox with her in it, and she still didn’t show up. It turns out, any additional local player needs to press the Menu button (“start”) and then they’ll be asked to select a profile and they’ll be added to the game.

There’s no prompt for this at all that I could find, it was just by dumb luck that we finally figured out how to get her in the game. Hope this helps!

EDIT (25 January 2015): I’ve created a video now if you prefer to see how to add a second player.