Recently watched: Cafe Society

Cafe Society poster

Last night we rented “Cafe Society”, a film written, directed and narrated by Woody Allen. I haven’t seen very many Woody Allen movies, but the ones I have seen I’ve always enjoyed, such as  one of my favorites, “To Rome With Love.”

Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart are great in the film, and seem to have pretty good chemistry throughout. The real star of “Cafe Society”, though, is the environments around the actors. There’s not an incredibly thrilling story to tell, and it certainly doesn’t offer any great conclusion, but I felt like the story that does exist was there mostly to navigate from one environment to another. The great music and all the life in the background really shine from beginning to end, and I never felt bored or disinterested. I know I’m probably not doing a great job of selling the movie, but I think it’ll probably remain underappreciated and overlooked by most people, and that’s sad.


There’s not much more I have to say about the film. I wasn’t blown away, and was never in awe, but it felt good watching it. I’m glad we gave it a chance.


Recently Watched: To Rome with Love


Last night I watched To Rome with Love which features a cast filled with great actors, including two of my favorites: Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page. The film follows several stories of love, cheating and self discovery, all taking place in Rome. Each of the individual stories is well told and together they make for a great story that is more about Rome and life lessons (growth maybe?) than one individual story (if that makes any sense).

At least 70% of the dialogue is spoken in Italian with subtitles, and the beautiful language makes the film all the more enjoyable. It’s a very happy film and the soundtrack fits perfectly, with “Amada Mia, Amore mio di El Passador” (below) played all throughout the movie.

I definitely recommend watching this movie. It’s a great date night movie!