I did a vlog…should I vlog?

Still a little sick, so excuse my crappiness.


The Interview is now available to stream


The controversial film The Interview has just been released on a variety of streaming services including Google Play and YouTube. It should also be coming to Xbox Video momentarily, for purchase or renting.

I haven’t bought a movie in ages, I usually just choose to stream them, but I think I’ll be purchasing The Interview once it becomes available on Xbox Video just for the heck of it. One thing is for sure, controversy tends to be a great marketing tool.


I’ll be sure to post my thoughts on the film after watching it.

Troubles uploading to YouTube?

I’ve had issues trying to upload videos all day today. At first I tried using the ‘Capture’ app, however the video would get to 100% and then show the upload paused. When I hit continue it’d start over at 0% again. So I tried using iMovie and I get a connection error. Lastly I tried uploading via YouTube.com and I’m hit with ‘this is taking longer than expected’ and an infinitely stuck ‘processing video’ bar.

Anyone else having these issues? I’ve seen a few mentions on Twitter, but nothing official from YouTube.

The new YouTube

A lot of people have been upset about the new redesign of YouTube that rolled out last week. I wasn’t really bothered by it, however now I’ve found myself having some difficulties. I used to enjoy browsing ‘trending’ videos, however I can’t seem to find that feature / page anywhere on the new YouTube. Is it gone? Even clicking on a category under ‘browse channels’ only shows channels, not specific videos related to those categories. I find this a little bothersome because now it’s harder to find new content outside of channels you already subscribe to. Unless you’re searching for something specific I can’t see how you’ll be able to discover new content.


Am I just totally missing a trending / what’s new page, or is there really no such thing? How do you feel about the YouTube redesign?


This time it’s Thursday

So you thought there could never be a song worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday” did you? Well you might be wrong. I didn’t research it, but I can almost guarantee this song is written by the same person, with such insightful lyrics such as “December was Christmas, January was New Year’s, April was Easter, 4th of July and now it’s Thanksgiving….. we we we gonna have a good time.”